A business professional with more than 15 years of experience serving clients, financial executive Mubashar Ayoob provides affluent families and individuals in the United Kingdom and the Middle East with a variety of wealth management services. Mr. Ayoob focuses extensively on clients with ultra-high net worth. As a result of his close connection to the Middle East, as well as his current position as a Senior Vice President of Investments at the Dubai office of investment management firm Merrill Lynch, he can advise an extensive clientele in a range of countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Mubashar Ayoob studied Marketing and Finance at Southeastern University in Washington, where he earned a high grade point average. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 1996, Mr. Ayoob joined Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor in the London office, overseeing hundreds of millions in assets under management over the course of six years. In his first year, he earned the honor of joining the Falcons Club, a special group of the highest performers globally, for his efforts.

Subsequently, Mubashar Ayoob’s performance at Merrill Lynch helped him gain the executive position he holds today, but he first switched firms, accepting a post with UBS. He acquired knowledge and contributed in the areas of investment management and tax planning. Upon joining UBS, he participated in an extensive training program covering all aspects of wealth management. While serving as a Director and Senior Client Advisor at UBS, Mubashar Ayoob utilized his marketing experience to expand the firm’s number of high net worth clients, through cold calling, networking and referrals. After four years working at UBS, Mr. Ayoob was head-hunted back to Merrill Lynch as a First Vice President of Investments. He earned a promotion to Senior Vice President and relocated to Dubai, UAE, to expand his business and better serve his clients. At his new office, he recreated his successful business model for wealth management for the Middle East region.


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